Media News Update – DIRECTV vs. Viacom Stalemate

Sponge Bob Wags his fists at DirecTV
No more satellite Sponge Bob?

Two media giants are now battling it out over a few hundred million dollars, no big deal right? Ask either side who’s fault it is and the finger will point in the other directing. Viacom claims they are requesting only modest increases in compensation for their 26+ channels of premium basic cable content. DIRECTV claims that the offers being made by Viacom are unreasonable and deceptive. Independent studies have showed it is possible that both sides are out of line, just waiting for the other to back down.

Meanwhile, in the real world…

Both companies in my opinion are only hurting themselves with this stalemate. Viacom has long been accused of being a media bully, acquiring channel after channel and then strong arming the value of their assets. DIRECTV is alienating a huge demographic of entertainment subscribers by holding out for the storm. The only winner here, cable TV providers like Comcast and Fios!

Viacom vs DirecTV

The Hit List:

Here are the Viacom owned channels that have been pulled due to the standoff.

Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, BET, VH1, CMT, Logo, Spike, TV Land, MTV2, VH1 Classic, Palladia, Nick Jr., NickToons, TeenNick, Nickelodeon West, Tr3s, Centric, MTV India, Nickelodeon HD, Comedy Central HD, MTV HD, BET HD, VH1 HD, CMT HD and Spike HD.

Dis-Information Campaign

Viacom‘s official statement accuses DIRECTV of “refuse[ing]to engage in meaningful conversation.”

While DIRECTV claims that, “we are indeed continuing to negotiate with Viacom so they can return the channels to our customers as soon as possible.”

Looks like for now no end is in sight. Maybe this is a good thing, its possible that people might go outside, pop open a book, maybe even do the unthinkable like paint or write or something like that. Possible, but not likely…