508 Pricing

508 Compliance Pricing

Documents and Digital Publications: PDF, Word, Excel, PPT

The following factors impact the price of 508 compliance remediation for documents:

  • Complexity and density of graphic elements
  • Lists, tables, graphs, and other structured content
  • Functional links, bookmarks, fields, and forms
  • Tools and methods used to create the original content
  • Custom parameters beyond standard compliance requirements
  • Rush priority requests
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Remediation Pricing 

Word Wizards charges a base rate per page rate for 508 compliance, and we add on to the rate for elements that require additional labor such as; alt-text, tables, charts, visual content, nested lists, and links. Discounts and rate adjustments are available, use our quote form to get an estimate for your document today. 

Base Rate (Per Page) – $11

Discounts Available

  • High Volume Projects
  • GSA
  • Non-Profit
  • Strategic Partnerships

The best way to accurately assess remediation pricing is to send us the document or to provide a sample of similar content for a rough estimate. Remediation pricing is based on how difficult the document will be for our team to achieve 508 compliance, and will be influenced by project size, document volume, and the complexity of the document content.

Use this form to request a quote and get started with your 508 compliance project today.

Captioning Services Pricing:

Captioning service rates are offered per minute of content and based on the final deliverable requested by the client. See our Captioning Services page for a detailed explanation of the types of captioning we offer.

Captioning rates include two components:


  • $8.00 per minute (includes transcript)
  • $6.00 per minute (client provides transcript)

Export Fees:

  • $50 Per Export (Standard Definition Video or Text Format i.e. SRT, VTT, SCC, XML)
  • $100 Per Export (High Definition Video)
  • $200 Per Export (Broadcast Deliverable)

Rush rates, non-profit pricing, bulk discounts, and other rate adjustments are available.

Our standard Audio Description rates for content that does not require video editing and utilizes our internal VO team are as follows:

Audio description rates depend on the video content, quantity, and voice talent selection. The complexity of visual content and the audio time required to describe those elements determine the labor required to add the appropriate description to the audio track.

We offer a range of in-house voiceover options at our standard pricing, and we work with a wide network of outside talents when a specific type of voice is requested.

Audio Description Pricing Form:

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For longer audio description projects, please request a free estimate or call for bulk pricing.