Transcription Pricing

Transcription Services Pricing

Word Wizards offers transcription rates per minute of content based on your required delivery time, audio quality, and recording conditions.

General Transcription Base Rate — $2.99 per minute

Transcription with Time Code Base Rate — $3.25 per minute

Discounts and Promotions Available

Bulk Content – Non-Profit – GSA – Education – WIFV – TIVA

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Surcharges apply when content requires more time to transcribe. The following conditions each add to the transcription rate.

Identification of multiple speakers

($0.50 per minute)

Poor recording quality /background noise

($0.50 – $1.00 per minute)

Advanced scientific, legal, medical, or technical content

($0.50 per minute)

Impaired or heavily accented speech

($0.50 per minute)

Custom formatting or transcript functionality

(Price based on request)

Standard Delivery – 2 to 3 business days

On Time – Every Time

Bulk Content Transcription:

Over 20 hours of content

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Rush Priority Transcription:

Next Business Day Delivery
Add 50% to Base Rate

Same Business Day or PM to AM Delivery
Add 100% to Base Rate

Extended Delivery Discount:

5 Business Day Delivery

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Promotions and Discounts:

We offer regular promotions through our partner organizations WIFV-DC and TIVA-DC. We also offer discounts for non-profit organizations. Call today or use our online form for a free quote.

GSA – Non-Profit – Education – WIFV – TIVA – Volume – Partnerships

Transcription with Visual Description:

Transcription with Visual description rates depend on the visual complexity of the material. We provide a low – medium – and high-density pricing model for description of video content within a 508 compliant transcript.

  • Low Density Visual Content — $8 per minute
  • Medium Density Visual Content — $12 per minute
  • High Density Visual Content — $14-$16 per minute

Each transcript must be remediated for 508 compliance in PDF format. Each project is subject to a minimum $110 remediation fee. Remediation labor for 508 transcripts is billed at a rate of $110 per hour for each additional hour required for compliance. Typically, it takes 1 hour to remediate 508 transcripts for up to 2 hours of content.

Let’s Work Together! 

For an exact quote call us today or submit a request online. If you would like more information about our transcription service prices or about working with Word Wizards, our operators are standing by to answer your questions.