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Section 508 Accessibility

How does Word Wizards make documents 508 compliant?

Word Wizards add special tags to the document to allow a screen reader to read the document to a low vision or blind user.

How does Word Wizards charge for document 508 compliance?

Document remediation is generally charged by the page. The rate charged depends on the complexity of the visual content, the amount of work required to make that page compliant, the time requirements of the client, and the volume of the content for the project.

What is document remediation?

Document remediation is the process of adding tags to documents to ensure that they satisfy the requirements of 508 compliance standards and regulations.

What standard of 508 compliance for documents does Word Wizards meet?

Word Wizards provides 508 compliance remediation that meets different levels of compliance standards, depending on the client. We commonly provide documents that are 508 and WCAG 2.0 compliant. Some agencies and companies request to add additional standards to further increase the accessibility of their content. We can even provide compliance for WCAG 2.1 document and other international accessibility standards.

How long does 508 compliance for documents take to complete?

Project delivery times depend on the volume and complexity of the content to be made compliant. Standard delivery time for a small to medium size document is 5-7 business days. Rush services are available depending on the project and our capacity at that time.

What type of documents can Word Wizards make 508 compliant?

Word Wizards makes the following file types 508 compliant:

  • Adobe PDF
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • LiveCycle
  • HTML (via our partner network)

Can Word Wizards teach me to do 508 compliance for documents?

Word Wizards does offer basic training and consulting to help teams learn to do 508 compliance. However, we always recommend 508 compliance is performed and verified by a technician with significant training and experience.


What is the difference between open and closed captions?

Closed captions can be turned on or off with a CC button. Open captions are burned into the video content.

What formats of video can Word Wizards provide closed captioning for?

Word Wizards can provide captioning support for all conventional video formats commonly used. (MOV, MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, etc…)

How does Word Wizards charge for 508 compliant captioning?

Word Wizards charges a per minute rate for the captioning labor and to produce a transcript if one is not provided by the client. We add an export fee per deliverable to create standardized caption files to the specification of the client.

What types of captioning files can Word Wizards provide?

Word Wizards can provide both encoded captioning files (baked into the media file i.e., MP4, MOV, WMV) or standalone captioning files for use in conjunction with software for playback (SCC, VTT, SRT, XML, etc…)

How long does closed captioning take?

Standard delivery for captioning services is 5-7 business days. We recommend clients take a day to review their transcript for accuracy before captioning labor begins. Rush captioning services are available depending on project volume and our capacity.

How does the closed captioning process work?

First, we figure out what type of caption deliverable the client requires. Then we produce a transcript of all the content within the video that requires captions. A technician will time the words from the transcript to the video. Finally, we output a caption file to the specification of the client.

Audio Description

What is audio description?

Audio description makes visual content within videos accessible to blind and low vision individuals. Audio description is a separate audio track that is added to video content that reads back the visual information to provide accessibly for people who have trouble seeing.

What content requires audio description?

Forward-facing or mission-critical content produced by government agencies and some private affiliates after the acceptance of the 508 ICT refresh in 2018 is required to have audio description as per WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

How does the process of audio description work?

First, a script is written to describe the visual information in the video, then a voice talent records the descriptions, and finally, a technician mixes the AD content with the original video content to provide a fully accessible experience for non-sighted users.

Can I use my own voice talent for audio description?

You can use your own voice talent or let us find somebody that meets your needs and budget. We maintain a list of in-house audio talent that offers an affordable AD solution and a network of professional Voice Talent for projects that require a bit more sophistication.

How does Word Wizards charge for audio description?

Audio description is billed per minute of content in 15-minute intervals, and for projects of over 1 hour, in 30-minute intervals. The minute rate for AD is determined depending on several factors, including, project deadline, visual complexity, audio density, and voice talent selection.

How long does audio description take?

Audio description projects generally take between 5-10 business days, depending on the amount of content and the time it takes to write and approve a script.

508 Transcript

What is a 508 compliant transcript?

A 508 transcript is a transcript that has been remediated to allow non-sighted or low vision users to access the content. 508 transcripts can include descriptions of visual information within video content to further provide a fully accessible experience for users with visual disabilities.

In what circumstances is a 508 compliant transcript appropriate?

508 transcripts provide a compliant alternative to audio description for single speaker, talking head video content. 508 transcripts also provide accessibility to persons with visual disabilities when time, budget, or complexity prevent audio description from being available for video content.

Are 508 transcripts WCAG 2.0 compliant?

508 transcripts are recognized as a AAA success criterion under WCAG 2.0. However, 508 transcripts should only be used in the appropriate context and with the approval of an agency representative or contracting officer.

How do 508 compliant transcripts work?

508 transcripts are read back to a non-sighted or low-vision user via screen reading technology. By including visual descriptive content in the transcript, persons with visual disabilities can enjoy the full experience of the content as provided by the author.

How do you charge for 508 compliant transcription?

The rate for 508 transcripts depends on the length of time of your video content, and the complexity of the visual information that appears on screen.

How long does 508 compliant transcription take?

One of the advantages of 508 transcripts is the speed it takes to provide accessible content. Depending on the amount of content and visual complexity, 508 transcripts can be prepared within a few business days, with rush services available for next day or even same day delivery.


How does Word Wizards do transcription?

Word Wizards uses human typists to transcribe audio and video content.

How long does transcription take?

Our standard delivery time is 2-3 business days for 4-5 hours of content per batch. Next day and same day transcription services are available.

What is the accuracy of Word Wizards transcription services?

Word Wizards transcripts maintain 99% accuracy to capture the audible content within an audio or video recording. Accuracy can be negatively affected by impaired/accented speech, poor audio conditions, background noise, and significant cross-talk.

Does Word Wizards use off-shore transcription labor?

All transcription labor is performed by US citizens living within the continental USA.

What is time code?

Time code is a numerical representation of at what point within a media recording the content was spoken. Time code can be based on elapsed media time, time of day, or offset numbers that match exactly with camera and editing platforms.

Can Word Wizards identify the speakers in my documents?

Word Wizards can identify speakers when their voices are distinct from one another and when names are provided for clear identification. Video content is best for identification purposes, as audio does not allow the typist to visually see who is talking.

Can Word Wizards transcribe poor quality audio?

We transcribe all types of audio, including content recorded in difficult conditions or noisy locations. However, the accuracy rate of 99% is not guaranteed for poor audio quality content, and we add a small surcharge for the extra effort to transcribe poor quality audio content.

How does Word Wizards charge for transcription services?

Word Wizards charges per minute of content for transcription services. We adjust the rate to include surcharges when appropriate and for expedited priority projects.

How do I send material to Word Wizards for transcription?

Word Wizards can transcribe pre-recorded content in all conventional digital media formats. Content can be sent to us via our internal FTP system, cloud share link, email, or other digital means. Digital and analog content can also be physically delivered to us via mail or courier.

Can Word Wizards provide transcription services for online media?

As long as we can download a standalone media file, we can work with it. Word Wizards cane extract some but not all media from YouTube videos depending on the permissions assigned by the author. Word Wizards requires permission for transcription of private content now owned by the clients depending on the privacy settings of the author and host platform.


What type of graphic design services does Word Wizards offer?

We do graphic design for all types of digital and print publications, including magazine layout, branding, custom graphics, conference materials, newsletters, and web content.

How does Word Wizards do graphic design services?

Our design services follow a hands-on approach. We work closely with our clients to ensure we capture both their design goals and business objectives.

Can Word Wizards produce custom graphics?

We produce custom graphics in house using the most cutting edge digital tools available. We also maintain access to several digital libraries for customer art, photos, and design elements for use in your content creation.

Can Word Wizards do printing/publishing services?

Word Wizards can order printing and publication for content we produce for our clients at competitive prices.


Is the Word Wizards FTP free?

Yes, we provide a free secure FTP site for all our clients to use while working with us.

How do I log into the FTP?

Log into the FTP portal via this link https://audio.wordwizardsinc.com. User names and passwords are provided by a Word Wizards administrator.

How do I sign up for a new FTP account?

Contact us via phone, email, or online form to set up your free FTP account.

What is the maximum file size I can upload to the Word Wizards FTP?

Our FTP can handle large file sizes of up to 10 GB as long as the client has a stable internet connection. We recommend compressing media files when possible to below 2GB per file to ensure stability. For large files, we recommend uploading one-by-one to prevent connection issues during transfer.

Do I have to use the Word Wizards FTP?

No, clients may deliver media to us via physical delivery, cloud share link, email, or other method of their choice.

Is the FTP available 24/7?

Our FTP is always available for use; however, occasionally, it goes down for maintenance or upgrades.

My upload is taking forever! What do I do?

If the file size is large, be patient! Often times, large files will take a long time to upload. If you have the ability, convert the file to a lower resolution or compressed format, and try again with a smaller file.

How do I change my FTP user name/password?

Contact us via phone, email, or online form to request a new user name or password.


How does Word Wizards bill for work?

Clients are invoiced in batches every Monday and Thursday each week. For first time clients, invoices are due before the delivery of the final product. After your first project, all clients qualify for 30-day payment terms once the invoice has been received. Immediate invoicing can be requested by the client when the project begins.

Does Word Wizards offer payment terms?

We offer 30-day payment terms to all clients after their first project with us.

Can I pay an invoice online?

Yes, you can pay your invoice online via https://www.wordwizardsinc.com/online-payments. To pay online, you will need your WW invoice reference number.

What types of payment does Word Wizards accept?

We accept cash, check, or credit (visa, mastercard, amex, discover)

When does Word Wizards send out invoices?

We send invoices twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.

I have a billing question, who do I contact?

For billing inquiries contact melanie@wordwizardsinc.com

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