508 Transcription

508 Compliant Transcription Services

The accessible media alternative for pre-recorded video.

Audio description is the gold standard in providing accessible video content for people who can’t see. When audio description is not possible, 508 compliant transcripts offer an alternative to provide fully accessible content for users with disabilities.

Transcripts are prepared of all audible content within the media. Visual descriptions of all relevant on-screen information are added to the transcript text. The transcript is remediated for 508 compliance to be fully functional using screen reader technology. The final product is a fully accessible transcript in 508 compliant format that allows non-sighted or low-vision individuals to interpret all visual content within the video.

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Providing Visual Description for Pre-Recorded Video When

Budgets lack funding for full audio description

Content comprises Talking Head videos with a single speaker

Complex content prevents full audio description

Rapid solution for when accessible media is required within a short period of time

WCAG 2.0 Compliance

508 compliant transcripts offer an alternative way to convey visual information within video content to non-sighted users. They are recognized as valid AA success criteria under WCAG 2.0 for “talking head” videos with a single speaker. They are also recognized as AAA success criteria, offering full accessibility for visual and verbal content in one simple platform. In limited cases, it can satisfy the requirements for audio description under section 508 compliance regulations.

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