2012 Presidential Election – Top 10 Funny Viral Memes

Another presidential election has come and gone. At this point, your either pissed, happy, or generally indifferent… Whatever your thoughts on the outcome, I bet your glad its over. As we prepare for whatever the future will hold for this great nation, lets take a look at the top 10 viral images that were floating around.

*Note* This blog maintains a NEUTRAL political stance. The images below are supposed to be fun, not serious. If you have an opinion, share it on our comments section.

Biden Burn:

Obama meets Igor

 The New Vice President: Excellent…

Mitt Romeny and his running mate Mr. Burns from the Simpsons

Lack of Forethought: Or Any Thought…

A little dig at the infamous "back in chains" comment.

Child’s Play:

Hilarious and way out of context. Obama tell a little girl she didn't build her toy block castle.

Dirty Chairy…

Do you feel lucky, Chair?

Come at me, BRO!

Put it on my tab, bro!

A seemingly indestructible monster…

Zeus releases the Biden after Obama bombs the first debate.


Obama rides a unicorn and shoots rainbows out of his hands...

Enough is Enough:

The Donkey and The Elephant Get time out for misbehaving this election cycle.

Bill’s Brain:

Bill Clinton Fantasizes about binder's full of women

There you have it! Leave us a comment if you have some funny viral images of your own from this election. Please, keep them PG-13!!

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