Apple Rumors – Mountain Lion Release Date

As usual, the rumors are staring to pile up about Apple’s latest revision to their OSX operating system. According to several unconfirmed gossips the release date for Mountain Lion will be July 25, 2012, less thank 10 days away.

OSX Mountain Lion!

Golden Apples?

Mac lovers are hoping for big hit with the new OS, which has made some very interesting promises in the months leading up to the final hurrah. For only $19.99 you can get in on all the cool new features expected from this release. iMessage should be fully integrated into the OS, giving users communication abilities like never before. Also, a cool new feature called power nap is rumored to allow your computer to sleep while staying current with you important information such as, e-mails, messages, and updates. There are many more features to be expected, and anxious Applites are tired of waiting.

Crowded Apple Store!
Watch out for crowds!

Swing for the Fences!

As with all OS releases from computing giant Apple, big things are expected. With a stock price hovering well over $600, anything short of spectacular could have serious repercussions for the company. Apple has a reputation for hitting it out of the park, and Mountain Lion seeks to continue that legacy. If they pull it off, it will solidify their place at the top for a little while longer, if it falls short, people will star to wonder how long the company can keep together without its prodigal founder at the helm.

Pressure is on….