Election Day Countdown – Presidential Politics and Winner Takes All

The cards are dealt, the candidate’s are all-in, and winner takes all in the last hand of this high stakes game of Washington D.C. Hold’Em. Less than 24 hours from now, the voting booths will open for the 56th time in our great nation’s history. As political tension reaches its four year zenith, we reflect on a race that has been vicious, divisive, and full of partisan negativity.

Red Elephant vs Blue Donkey

When Tensions Run High…

The divided state of the governing bodies of The United States of America has been shamefully reflected in the campaigns of each candidate. We have seen that in this new age of instant communication and effortless distribution of media, no tactic is too low in a presidential race. Both sides of the presidential coin must be held accountable for their petty attacks and their tactless strategies. While all the fighting and bickering has been going on, an increasing portion of the population has lost confidence in our government’s ability to run a nation effectively. Here at the height of this political battle, just ask yourself, during all this time has either party done ANYTHING to resolve our serious systemic problems?

Gridlocked Government

Why do we allow our representatives to use elections as a way to not accomplish anything? Playing politics has always been part of the game, but the partisan pressure of this last election cycle has crippled both the legislative and executive branches ability to govern.

Take a look at this chilling excerpt for’s article Our Make-Believe Federal Budget,

Every U.S. family understands the importance of a budget. But apparently Washington does not. The truth is, Congress has the legal responsibility to pass an annual budget, and the president’s budget holds no legal authority.

Yet Congress has not passed a concurrent budget resolution in more than 1,000 days and counting The last time Congress passed both a concurrent budget resolution and all required spending bills on time was 1996.”

Gridlock in government is never good...

Breaking A Broken Cycle

How do we move forward as citizens concerned about to state of our government? How do we find common ground when years have been spent dividing the nation to one of two extremes? How can we even feel that our votes still matter when either party wont work with the other despite who wins? All of these are hard questions and there are no short answers.

It comes down to us as citizens of this great country to demand a return to sanity. We must move forward together or nothing will ever be truly resolved. Compromise! Tell your representatives to put the attitudes aside and reach across the isle. If we don’t band together soon, we will be known as the generation that failed to do anything except bicker and yell at each other.

Shut Up and Vote!

At this point, minds are made up, opinions are deeply engrained, all that’s left to do is cast the ballots and count them up. I hope all of you out there choose to vote this year despite the promise from both sides for more of the same.

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