Going Google – Word Wizards Explores Google+ Social Networking

Word Wizards is now in the process of setting up Google+ for our organization. Google+ for companies seems to be a bit different than Google+ for individuals. As our online marketing expert, I am eager to finally expand my efforts to Google’s social networking baby. Getting started, there was only one concern, and it looked like this…

Google plus is not available
Translation – It’s guna be a long time before you get your Google+ going!

Not So Easy To Get In

As usual, it seems that the “easy” sign up process Google advertises is not so simple. I was prepared for that this time, actually, and I have come to expect slowness from Google as of late. Well it looks like I’ll be waiting for a while to try out the new social platform. In the meantime, check out another article about Google new super-high speed internet service.

Google Fiber – Gigabit Internet Goes Live