Hacker’s Bounty – $60,000 Reward For Chrome Hack

Think you have what it takes to find a security hole in Google Chrome? If so, you might earn yourself some serious cash. Last Wednesday, a teen hacker operating under the alias, “Pinkie Pie,” took home a $60,000 reward for exposing a big security issue in Google’s golden browser. The media giant has offered a big bounty to anyone who can crack their code in effort to make a more secure and safe browser. Pinkie Pie has taken home the cheddar not once, but twice!

Hack Google, win 60 Gs!

Rise of The “White” Hacker

Hacking used to be looked at as an unforgivable evil in our society. It seems that as soon as computers started to change the world, hackers began to figure out how to take advantage of them. Despite the demonization of the hacking community by film and television, there is a growing trend of professionals, corporations, and even governments looking to “white” hackers for much needed help.

Anonymous - The Benevolent Hacking Super-group!

A “white” hacker is someone who hacks on the light side of the force. Simply stated these individuals use their talents for good, and are regularly used as hired guns when no one else can get the job done. Some of these benevolent hackers have even formed groups, such as the secretive activist group “Anonymous.” White hackers have been held responsible for many capers over the last few years. These socially conscious hackers have been responsible for everything from debugging Google Chrome to hacking Iran’s centrifuges to melt themselves from the inside out.