The 113th United States Congress

Today, The United States of America officially welcomes the 113th Congress. Each of these legislative representatives is tasked by their constituents to address the serious issues our nation currently faces. Sadly, many citizens of this great nation have become skeptical of the integrity of our congressional body, and worry that the bitter rivalries and negative politicking will just get worse in the coming term.

The Freshmen of the 113th Congress of The USA.
Congressional Freshmen Gather on Capital Hill

Policy and Politics

Earlier this week the world saw a last minute bill passed by our leaders to narrowly avoid the fiscal cliff. As the new congress take their seats they are already preparing for the next fight. For many of them, its the first time in the ring, and like a newly risen prize fighter fresh on the global stage, they seem to be looking for blood. The battle just beyond the horizon, The National Debt Ceiling and The Sequester, is a mess left by the failures of the previous congress. Now the time has come to face the hard economic choices, make real sacrifices, and find some way for these diametrically opposed sides to compromise.

Frankly, I have no sympathy what-so-ever…

Another Way To Play The Game

What if we could forget the wounds of the past and move forward together as a nation? What if we could trust our leaders to make educated compromises? What if our national future was considered more important to this legislative body than their individual political futures?

Its all about perspective and perceptions. Shamefully, the population of our country seems to accept the alleged “brokenness” of congress as satisfactory. As long as our citizens remain unwilling to compromise or listen, our leaders and elected officials will adopt the same attitude.  The reality is that congress should not be looked at as a battlefield, with two sides competing for control and dominance over the country. Congress should be looked at as a TEAM, and remember there is no second term in TEAM….

Realistic Optimism

I remain optimistic that together we can solve the issues of the day. However, I know that to achieve a positive outcome for our country we must be willing to take a realistic approach to our problems. That means putting a stop to finger pointing and the blame game. It means taking a realistic opinion of the world economy and how we are going to remain intact as a superpower if we can’t even pass a budget.

Good luck to the 113th congress, and remember, Team U.S.A. is plays for keeps.