Transcription Tech: MXF Proxy Files and Tapeless Workflow

Word Wizards lives on the cutting edge of the video industry. Thus, our facility is set up to ingest, trans-code, and transcribe all proxy formats. Most transcription companies will make you convert these files yourself and externalize this cost to your team. Here at Word Wizards, we have the technology and the expertise to handle your media no matter what format it comes in.

Tapeless Time Code

If your team is shooting in a tapeless format, send us your proxy files for transcription. Word Wizards can extract embedded time code starting numbers directly from your .MXF files for ultimate convenience.

Currently, there are two professional video cameras that encode into MXF formats.

There seems to be some mystery about how to get time code numbers off of MXF footage. Word Wizards simply drops the media into Adobe Premier Pro 5.5 and takes a quick peek at the meta data. Within that meta data are the elusive starting time code numbers associated with the original footage.

A Reputation for Transcription Excellence

Some transcription companies only except media in a narrow range of formats, and you must provide the starting time code numbers before transcription can begin. The Word Wizards policy is a bit more accommodating. If you shoot it we will transcribe it, period!

All you need to do is send us external hard drives loaded with your proxy files and we can take it from there. Transcription has come a long way since the days of analog tapes and floppy disks. Word Wizards is committed to always providing effective transcription solutions for media of the past, present, and future.