Analog Transcription – Betacam, VHS, Audio Cassette Tape

Word Wizards, Inc. continues to offer transcription, digitization, and archiving services for Betacam, VHS, and Audio Cassette Tapes.  These long forgotten analog formats were once the backbone of the video and audio production industries in ages long ago. Now, vast stores of Betacam, VHS, and audio cassette tapes sit alone in dark dusty boxes stored somewhere in your footage dungeons, just waiting for one last chance to see the light of day. Even in the age of digital enlightenment, Word Wizards still maintains the proper equipment and expertise to handle these ancestral analog clunkers.

Betacam, VHS, and Video Cassette Decks
Analog Decks: Betacam, VHS, and Tape Cassette

Analog Decay:

Over time analog tapes begin to loose their clarity and quality. Before long, once rich media stored on dusty old tapes will decay to the point of complete uselessness. Post decay restoration efforts of distorted analog material typically are beyond a reasonable budget. Before you loose your valuable assets to the sands of time, take action and let Word Wizards transcribe, digitize, and archive your long lost analog gems.

Analog media decays over time.

Digital Archiving:

The advantage of creating a digital audio or video archive is all about capitalizing on business assets. If analog media will decay over time, it effectively looses its value as an asset to your organization. Depreciation thus occurs physically and eventually all of the financial value of stock footage, old cassettes and other analog media will be lost. It makes perfect sense to invest in the digitization of old media assets to preserve their financial value and maintain the integrity of the audio or video permanently. Word Wizards can and will handle any and every format you can throw our way, don’t let your media go the way of “The Lost Ark!”

Don't let your media assets die alone in boxes!
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Legacies of Progress:

Long ago when the world was young and it took rooms full of equipment to transcribe with time code, Word Wizards invested in a multitude of high quality decks to handle any format of audio or video. Once in a while a client still needs us to transcribe or digitize old school analog format tapes. We enjoy doing this type of work because it reminds us of where we came from with a sense of nostalgia. In a time when the majority of firms in our industry have gone “all digital,” we take pride in our ability to remain on the cutting edge while still maintaining our original analog capabilities.