Transcription Technology: CloudScript On The Front Page

CloudScript, our new transcription workflow solution, was featured on the front page of TIVA-DC Magazine for the September / October issue! Recently, we sat down for an interview with Gale Nemec, TIVA-DC Publications Chair. The finer points of this interview appeared on the front page of the most recent issue of TIVA-DC magazine.

Word Wizards on the front page of TIVA Magazine

Gaining Momentum

When CloudScript first launched earlier this summer, we were unsure how the market would react to such an innovative new product. As we start to gain speed, we are encouraged by how many people seem to see promise in the new technology. It really is a game changer, but before it becomes completely adopted as a new standard in the industry, we are going to have to convince people of the tremendous value that this product provides.


The challenge is really about changing people’s existing workflow in video production and media services. People are used to working with transcripts in a particular way. As we all know, once someone has their way of doing things in place, it is very hard to get them to change to something new. However, we have begun to successfully demonstrate how a slight modification to normal transcription workflow can be very beneficial, financially and organizationally.

Exposure and Networking

So far we have successfully provided several demonstrations to groups within our professional networks to show off our new transcription workflow solution. First we popped in on Docs In Progress during their alumni networking event. If you want to know more about that check out this article. Last week, we presented our new production workflow transcription tool at TIVA-DC’s “Killer Apps” event, the focus of which was on really cool Apps that help with video production across the board. If you want to see this list of amazing apps, check out the article on the TIVA-DC blog