Transcription Turnaround – Timing is Everything

Word Wizards, Inc. continues to thrive in the transcription business despite relentlessly increasing domestic and international competition. One of our key advantages is the ability to handle seemingly impossible turnaround requirements with the same quality and attention to detail as any other job. Even though it often causes logistical complications for our managerial team, were one of the only options in the world for quality transcription within 24, 12, or even 6 hour turnaround.

Time is Money

Our “rush” clients have come to rely on us in a pinch. When your deadline is fast approaching we are here to help every step of the way. Word Wizards will always try to do what our clients need in the time frame they have available. We only employ and contract with highly trained, USA based, individuals, and thus ensure quality even with 6 hour deadlines. By treating our transcription team right and making sure they feel like we are conducting business in a professional and considerate manner, Word Wizards is prepared for any situation that may come across our path.

Superior Service

Customer service is a critical component of our company’s core values. We know that there are many other options out there for our services, but very few of them take the time to become personally involved with each project on a human level.Treating people like people is our mission, we take your time and budget into consideration to make sure we get the job done and there are no suppresses at the end of the project. Call or email us anytime, were ready!