Video Tech – Largest LED TV Is Sharp

Word Wizards and the rest of the Video World are drooling over this 90 inch HD LED TV brought to us by the gear heads at Sharp. Before you bust out to your nearest distributor, or scroll on over to your favorite online retailer, consider that this beautiful behemoth of entertainment technology is a mere $10,999.99.

Any Bang For That Buck?

Yes, the Aquos LC-90LE745U has all the features that have come to be expected with the finest of high end smart TVs, and even has some unique features of its own (like being huge). Here is the feature summary from the official web page.

  • 90″ Class (90-1/64″ diagonal)
  • The World’s Largest LED TV
  • Smart TV with web browser
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Full HD Active 3D
  • AquoMotion 240
  • Full Array LED

HD Active 3D

Wow, 3D tech keeps getting better. I can not wait to watch Avatar on one of these things at some extremely wealthy persons house. Hopefully NFL 3D plays all of the Redskins Games and I can watch the good old American pass time with even more depth, clarity, and dimension than ever before. Oh wait… its $11k!!!

NFL 3D Logo

Get Comfortable

Will anyone be able to get off the couch after installing one of these, probably, but I am sure this preemo HD 3D monster is going to claim hours, days, years and, lifetimes of those who can afford to bask in its glory. Movies will be bigger, films more real, and 3D magic larger than life. Until then, we will have to settle for our puny non 3D displays and hope that whoever wins this coming election can get to work on helping us all buy this television.

Romeny and Obama Square off!