Word Wizards Now on Technorati

The Word Wizards blog is ready to make its way into the main stream blog-o-shpere! Getting noticed on the internet is not as easy as you would think these days. With so much garbage out there how can a serious professional utilize the power of a blog to reach new audiences and provide meaningful content for their users and subscribers? The answer, post your dynamic content on blog crawlers like Technorati for a start.

As you read this, the Technorati confirmation bot is crawling this blog for this code:


Now that it sees that I am actually a real human being moderating this blog and providing content, they will begin to catalog new posts that come from our site automatically. The only catch is that if we don’t blog constantly with current, relevant, and interesting content, our rank goes down and we look like complete failures!! Quite a serious responsibility this blog-o-sphere…

The fact is that our organization needs to remind people we are here. So with the function of this blog geared up and ready to go, we need to use our expertise in the transcription, graphic design, and 508 compliance industries to attract a more modern user base and expand our overall awareness. So thanks Technorati and other blog crawlers for the opportunity to reach new heights and new friends!