Word Wizards Update – New Website Sections and Features

Once again, we have given our website a slight facelift. This time we added some new sections, redesigned our blog, and improved the menus and overall design. Here’s a breakdown of the what and why behind the new and improved website features.

Post Production Section

On the home page you will now see an entirely new section called Post Production. After over 30 years in the game, we have learned a few things that clients often ask for when using our transcription services. We figured that with our many years of expertise we should offer these services independently, and thus the post production section of the website was born.

A good website has a well structured hierarchy of all the different sections for useability and SEO purposes. The transcription section was getting crowded with all of the pages related to transcription, so we decided to break out the “post” stuff into its own little zone.

The Scribe’s Press

Word Wizards has been developing a new blog over the past few months to help provide valuable resources for our friends and clients in media related industries. We want to provide a legitimate source for expert information as a contributions to the impetuous “blog-o-sphere.” We have redesigned and rebranded our blog as “The Scribe’s Press” to help people find what they want more easily and to make the distinction between the blog and the rest of our site.

The former, “Word Wizards News” seemed to make people think it was new only about our company, furthermore the interior pages were just a list of links to articles with no content or explanation to guide users where they want to go. We have completely redesigned the interior of the blog, now with featured posts, post excepts and images. Our development team plans on adding many new cool features as time goes on so make sure to check back on the regular for the latest and greatest from the new and improved blog!

New Navigation Menus

We have replaced the old menu bar with a much more visually appealing navigation menu for our internal pages and website divisions. Word Wizards is a company consisting of many different divisions each with their own specific service packages. With the new design any page or internal section can be accessed instantly with one click from any part of the site, now that’s optimization!

Overall Design and Usability

With a team of graphic designers on staff, we are never satisfied with our design work. If you poke around you may notice slight style changes across the website. Organization, consistency, and eye flow have all been improved with this new website revision. We hope you like the way everything looks and I invite you to leave us a comment below and let us know what you think! Make sure to opt into our mailing list and we will include you on emails with the latest and greatest from your friends here at Word Wizards, Inc.